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Do You Want To Be An Effective Marketer?

December 10, 2019  Cole Hanrahan, Senior AZTech Consultant

Effective B2B Marketing Business to business marketing is quite different from marketing to consumers. It involves different challenges and requires a different approach. In order to succeed in a B2B market, you require a structured approach with a clear direction, based on the factors in the market and the capabilities that your organisation has available.… Read More

The Complete Project Management

December 3, 2019  Alina Lebed, Senior AZTech Consultant

Projects are essential for the achievement of business objectives.  They play an increasingly important role in implementation of strategic directions.  What can we do to ensure projects deliver the expected business benefits?  What tools and techniques of modern project coordination and control are best to deliver successful results?  Managers and professionals from various disciplines and… Read More

Certificate in Risk Management & Business Continuity

November 28, 2019  Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

Managing Risk to Protect Your Organization and Maximise Performance Every business, large or small, private or public sector, faces a multitude of risks. Not only those that managers have imagined and prepared for but also those no one has imagined could happen. On this course, we consider all manner of risks and how best to… Read More

Great Leadership: Developing Practical Leadership Skills

November 18, 2019  Rodger Pyrah, Senior AZTech Consultant

What makes a great leader? If you look deep into this question you will begin to realise there is no single answer, characteristic or style. The theories of Leadership range from traits, styles, behaviours, situations and many more, including emotions. However, successful leaders do have things in common, but as we can see not all… Read More

Strategic Marketing Plans

November 7, 2019  Jo Ann Sweeney, Senior AZTech Consultant

3 key Steps for Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan Strategic marketing provides an overarching framework that shapes what our organisation stands for and how we respond to our marketplace and customer expectations. It ensures our responses are coordinated, present consistent messages, chime with our stakeholders and make sense to our target audiences. The problem for… Read More

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